Dental Assistant Permanent OR Part Time $33/hr

We are currently working with multiple offices in the greater Seattle area looking for both permanent and part-time Dental Assitants. We’ve done our homework and choose to work with only the best offices out there. Not sure if an office is the right fit? No worries, pick up some temp shifts with us at any of our client locations before you commit. Temping is one of the best ways to test out an office. We can help you negotiate the schedule that fits your needs and life. Think of us as your sports agent, connect with us on the phone, let us do a deep dive into what you’re looking for and we’ll get to work for you! If you’re a registered Dental Assistant in the greater Seattle area looking for a fresh experience, consider exploring new opportunities with WORKFORCE Dental Staffing. Temporary positions in different practices provide the opportunity to connect with and learn from various dentists, while our assistance and support ensure you have everything you need to thrive. *WORKFORCE Dental Staffing Benefits* Receive compensation of $33/hr, delivered through direct deposit within 24-72 hours. Enjoy the flexibility to explore different offices without a long-term commitment, providing opportunities for networking and building professional connections. We manage your tax deductions and issue a single W2. Our services are available seven days a week, ensuring a positive candidate experience! Use our App to broadcast your availability to our clients within your desired commute distance. Have offices create days around your schedule! ##G-AttractEnabled Currently registered and in good standing with the Washington State Department of Health Being able to articulate which procedures you are the most and least comfortable with If you’re in search of a comprehensive agency that simplifies the process of scheduling and eliminates the legwork, visit our website and register today. Achieve “Preferred Candidate” status to showcase your availability and manage your schedule independently.

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