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We are a highly trained clinically comprehensive dental practice that believes the best dental care comes from caring about people, not just teeth. We are seeking a team member to be our dental hygienist. Our compensation is commensurate with your experience and your quality of performance. We help our team members to continually educate themselves and focus on personal development. This is what we believe about our dentistry: Integrity. We believe that it is important to use the xe2x80x9cgolden rulexe2x80x9d in all our relationships in our practice. We treat you the same way we would treat our friends and family members. We will always be honest with you in all our discussions about your dental condition and treatment solutions. Health and Life Expectancy. We believe that healthy people live longer and therefore can enjoy life better than unhealthy people. Studies show that you cannot be healthy if your mouth is unhealthy (and we have seen it in our own patients). We know that if your teeth and gums are healthy, you are more likely to be able to live 10-20 years longer. Time. We believe that everyonexe2x80x99s time is valuablexe2x80xa6 so we see our patients on time, and we expect our patients to respect our time. Cost. We believe that todayxe2x80x99s dentistry is ALWAYS less expensive than dentistry done tomorrowxe2x80xa6 next weekxe2x80xa6 next monthxe2x80xa6 or next year. We believe prevention is ALWAYS less expensive than fixing more complex problems in the future. Therefore, we make dentistry affordable in our practice. Beauty. We believe that an attractive smile can help you in your social life, your love life, your ability to be promoted and career advancement opportunities. Our patients frequently tell us that the beautiful smiles we provide them enhances their self-image and boosts their confidence. Comfort. We believe that in todayxe2x80x99s modern dentistry, you can get your mouth healthy and keep your mouth healthy using comfortable techniques and technologiesxe2x80xa6 so you donxe2x80x99t have to fear that you will have painful dental appointments in our practice. Our patients tell us that dentistry here is very comfortable. We never hurt our patientsxe2x80xa6 never. Value. We believe that often when services are sold at the cheapest pricexe2x80xa6 they end up costing more in the long-term when they must be re-done. Thus, the cheapest often doesnxe2x80x99t end up being the least expensive. We believe that when excellent quality is coupled with a fair fee, long-term costs end up being a much better investment than paying low-cost fees and getting low-quality results. Technology. We believe in investing in technology that saves you time, saves you money, and reduces or eliminates potential problems in the future. Function. We believe that your teeth should function properly to allow you to enjoy your food without pain or discomfort or embarrassment. Our dentistry helps our patients properly chew and enjoy their meals. Education. We teach our patients proper oral healthcare. We teach the value of disease prevention and why proper dental care is vital to their well-being. If this is the type of dental team that you desire to join, contact us at as soon as possible. All inquiries will be confidential. Benefit Conditions: Waiting period may apply Work Remotely No Job Type: Full-time Pay: $52.00 – $68.00 per hour Benefits: Dental insurance Paid time off Professional development assistance Tuition reimbursement Schedule: 8 hour shift Experience: Dental: 2 years (Required) Work Location: In person

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