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Dental Hygienist needed for our growing practice Description Tualatin Valley Dental is seeking a hygienist to join our team. We are currently a small, one-doctor office in Tigard, but planning for growth. I (Dr. Kerri Smith) acquired the practice from Dr. Whipple, who retired last year. We have been modernizing the practice, and have plans for continual improvement and growth. We are looking for quality team members who can help provide excellent patient care and also help establish systems and protocols. I value patient education and autonomy, and feel it is our responsibility to educate patients and empower them to take charge of their oral health. I don’t believe in pushing treatment on patients, but I do believe in thorough diagnosis and education to offer the best treatment options. The vision for this practice is to become a hygiene-driven practice, where comprehensive preventative and periodontal treatment is the standard. Hygienists have the greatest opportunity in a dental office to build ongoing relationships with patients and I want to empower our hygienists to be leaders in patient care. I believe in hygiene co-diagnosing, and in all team members being educated and empowered to discuss patients’ needs with them. I value technology in making things easier for our team and for patients. We have implemented online patient forms and online scheduling. We have intraoral cameras, digital sensors. We will continue to add technology to the practice as it grows. A collaborative, friendly workplace is key, and I want to support team members to reach their potential. As we are a small, growing office, you could have a say in the policies we establish, benefits we offer, and culture we create. This position could very well turn into a lead hygienist position with training/management roles if desired. Compensation will be dependent on skills and experience, but could be $55-70/hour. At least one year experience working in a dental office is preferred, but not required. We offer paid holidays, paid time off, in-house dental benefits, retirement matching. The schedule for this position is flexible, and we can accommodate part-time or full-time. We don’t work weekends or evenings. Salary $55 – $70 per hour

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