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Description: Dental Hygienist will treat and provide services for patients at the Catawba Service Unit. The Dental Hygienistxe2x80x99s day to-day Supervision will be provided by the Catawba Service Unit Dental Director. Administrative contractual oversight will be provided by Catawba Service Unit Chief Executive Officer. The Dental Hygienist will work three 8-hour days per week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Hours will typically be 8:00am xe2x80x93 4:00pm with a 30-minute unpaid lunch break. Services are required at 24 hours per week. There will be no xe2x80x9con call,xe2x80x9d weekend, or holiday shifts. Duties to include, but not limited to: o Completes preliminary dental examinations on new dental patients. o Reviews patientxe2x80x99s medical and dental history for evidence of past and present conditions such as medical illnesses and use of drugs which may complicate or alter dental hygiene treatment. o Examines the teeth and surrounding tissues for evidence of plaque and periodontal disease and charts findings. o Inspects the mouth and throat for evidence of disease such as oral cancer; interprets routine x-rays to identify tooth structures, calculus, and abnormalities such as cavities and deep periodontal pockets. o Refers abnormalities such as cavities, traumatic occlusion, and suspicious lesions to the dentist. o Prepares dental hygiene treatment plans for patient including assessment of the problem, type of oral hygiene care required, and the sequence of appointments needed to complete treatment. Performs a complete oral prophylaxis on ambulatory patients. Performs deep sub gingival scaling, root planning, and curettage under local anesthesia. Polishes the teeth and applies fluoride for hypersensitivity and caries prevention. Gives home care instructions to patients after curettage. Applies sealants as indicated by the patientxe2x80x99s treatment plan. Assists the dentist by making repairs and adjustments to the teeth by smoothing rough edges of restorations, removing overhanging margins of fillings, reducing sharp edges of fractured teeth, polishing and finishing amalgam restorations, and inserting temporary fillings in teeth. Exposes, develops and processes radiographs on patients including bite wing, periapical and panoramic x-rays. Adjusts voltage, amperage, and timing of x-ray equipment. Selects type of radiograph that will be necessary for patientxe2x80x99s mouth. Positions film and machine to ensure coverage of area to be x-rayed. Mounts and labels x-ray. PM21 Requirements: Must possess and maintain a current, active, full, and unrestricted license or registration or certification as a Dental Hygienist from a State, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a territory of the United States. Must possess (or willing to obtain for hire) active AHA BLS

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